Kapofi warns tuck drivers to stop smuggling foreign nationals into Namibia

Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration Frans Kapofi warned truck drivers who are smuggling refugees in the country to stop, as it is tantamount to human trafficking and they will be dealt with if caught.

Kapofi issued the warning on Friday at the ministry's head office in Windhoek on Friday during a media briefing to update the public on the situation of refugees fleeing from South Africa to seek asylum in Namibia.

He said that, when refugees are asked by immigration officials how they entered the country, they say that they pay truck drivers to transport them into the country by hiding in the trucks or pass through undesignated places and then link up with the driver somewhere far from the borders.

We will take the necessary steps to protect the sovereignty and integrity of our country against these people that are smuggling foreign nationals in our country, we want to make sure that Namibian people are protect, and we do not necessarily mean we won't help those in need said Kapofi.

He added that even though the ministry is willing help those coming in Namibia legal, it does not mean people should just force themselves into the country and expect to be admitted because the ministry does not know their intentions.

We will make sure that our territorial integrity is protected and seriously regraded, we cannot allow the country to be invaded by the so called asylum seekers, expressed Kapofi.

Source: Namibia Press Agency