Karas Pupils Sent Home for Indulging in Sex and Alcohol

THE Karas education directorate has sent pupils home from the region’s Grade 10 spring school held at Karasburg for allegedly abusing alcohol and engaging sexual activities, The Namibian has established.

The pupils allegedly sneaked out of the school hostel to drink alcohol, while some were allegedly caught engaging in sexual acts by teachers at the school hostel.

Karas education director Awebahe Johannes Hoeseb yesterday confirmed that six boys – two from PK de Villiers at Keetmanshoop and four from Angra Pequena Senior Secondary School at Luumlderitz – were sent home from the spring school.

“Yes, we sent home six boys who had sneaked out of the hostel to indulge in alcohol,” Hoeseb acknowledged.

However, Hoeseb could not confirm reports that pupils were also caught indulging in sexual activities.

“I have not received any report of pupils indulging in sexual activities from the supervisors,” said Hoeseb, adding that “issues of that nature are very serious”.

Hoeseb said the decision to send the boys away was “not easy.” He was however quick to add that the Karas education directorate has a “policy of intolerance”.

“We do not want to deny pupils access to quality education, but we had no other option but to send them home to prevent their ill-behaviour from affecting other pupils,” Hoeseb added.

According to Hoeseb, the boys’ conduct would be dealt with by the school board and management.

“We cannot waste valuable time on disciplinary hearings. Our focus now is on quality education,” Hoeseb remarked,.

Hoeseb urged the boys’ parents to ensure they study under their direct supervision, while encouraging other pupils to choose their friends wisely.

“Choose true friends who will not invite you for an alcoholic drink,” Hoeseb aised.

Hoeseb said this year’s Karas region Grade 10 spring school focuses on consolidating what the pupils learnt during the academic year and to learn new things.

Source : The Namibian