Kasi Vibe a success, gears up for next volume

Salmi Shiweda, Public Relations Officer at Kasi-Vibe Festival has described the past weekend's Windhoek event as a success despite a lower turn-out compared to previous years.

The entertainment festival and trade expo which has grown in popularity amongst the city's residents since its inception in the year 2017 experienced technical difficulties with power outages that Shiweda said were caused by an electrical fault at the stadium.

Shiweda said the technical difficulties and power supply were beyond her control but understood grievances shared by some exhibitors.

Johanna Neena, a clothing exhibitor at the event told Nampa her stall was negatively affected by the power outages because she uses a speed point for payment transactions.

She said given the amount of N. dollar 800 she paid for a stall at the event she expected better service from the organisers.

Neena said she did not lose too much money because some of her customers could make electronic transactions through online payments like e-wallet.

She however lamented what she described as poor lighting at the stadium.

She explained that at past events the layout was designed in a more appealing manner for clothing exhibitors.

She said this time around the organisers gave better lighting to the exhibitors at the food and beverage stands but compromised on the lighting for SME exhibitors.

This situation was compounded by periodic power outages, it is as if the organisers made sure that the entertainment and food and entertainment stands were their priority. Only SME's exhibited clothes and we all had the same troubles regarding lighting. At previous Kasi-Vibes our stall was set up in such a manner that we got first access to visitors but now the lay-out was designed in a way that visitors went straight to the entertainment area, Neena said.

Other exhibitors lauded the event as a success.

First time exhibitors Inter City, a transport services application told Nampa the Kasi-Vibe gave them an opportunity to gain more customer for their products.

Heinrich Aluvilu, software engineer at Inter City said they increased their customer base to over 10 000 as a result of their participation at the Kasi-Vibe.

He said as exhibitors they were not affected by the lighting because as technologically drive youth their business resides on one platform which is the cell phone.

Aluvilu said inter City's app service was at the right place at the right time and he did not experience any dissatisfaction with service from the organisers.

Source: Namibia Press Agency