Katjirijova denies claims of tribalism in DTA Youth League

WINDHOEK: Secretary-General of the DTA of Namibia Youth League (YL), Bensen Katjirijova has dismissed allegations of tribalism within the youth league.

Some party members have allegedly opposed the participation of DTA regional coordinator for the Ohangwena Region, Hidipo Hamata in the upcoming youth league congress on the grounds that he was not Otjiherero-speaking.

In an interview with this news agency yesterday, Katjirijova said Hamata is welcome to participate in the DTA youth league congress as each region will be required to send seven youth league members to take part in the congress.

Without providing much information, the youth league secretary-general said the congress is scheduled to take place in the capital on 12 September this year.

A DTA member who asked that his name be withheld confirmed the allegation of tribalism.

He said Hamata is not wanted at the congress, neither is his attempt at contesting the secretary-general position, as many feel the party’s top positions should apparently only be reserved for Otjiherero-speaking people who “own” the party.