Katrina wants to make listeners smile

By: Selma Neshiko

Windhoek: Media presenter, Katrina Andreas is just one of those presenters you can’t hate but love. Beautiful, a great personality and best but not least talkative. Yes, talkative because she always has something to say and not just anything, something good to say especially on radio.

Even though she got into radio in an odd way, she still turned out to be one of the best. “My first experience on radio was crazy because I didn’t receive training. I didn’t know anything, I was just thrown there and had to learn how to swim,” Katrina recalls. At the station for almost four years now, her love for music is what led her to follow radio industry route. “I love music and there’s just something about radio. When it comes to radio it does not matter what mood you in. You have to make people happy. The impact radio has on people is incredible,” she says.

Katrina is the voice behind Hashtag which airs Mondays to Fridays as from 14h00 to 18h00 as well as the laid back show Comfort Zone every Sunday from 16h00 to 19h00. One of her memorable day on radio was when she received a call from an anonymous female caller, who called in on Mother’s Day crying because she could not celebrate the day because she didn’t have a mother and sympathising with her she couldn’t hold back her own tears. “When she told me she lost her mother and her story, I just started crying. I had to go off air and talk to her and we still talked after the whole saga. I love my listeners and sometimes I come out to be blonde and hyper but tune in as I am improving as a presenter,” she says.

The 23- year-old says she loves the station because it leaves up to its motto, “Young hearts, Fresh Beats”. “The energy at Fresh is just different, friendly people, variety of good, old and latest tunes. I love it here.” Katrina is not only a radio personality but also a student at the Polytechnic of Namibia studying Communication. “Tune in and join me on both my shows. I’m here for you; I want to make you happy. So let’s build and grow together.”