Katutura Health Centre becomes more accessible

The Katutura Health Centre will now operate for 24 hours a day as a response to public complaints about the lack of access to healthcare Minister of Health and Social services, Kalumbi Shangula, announced.

He said this on Monday during the symbolic opening of the Katutura health centre in the Katutura Central Constituency of the Khomas Region

Shangula said, in the past, patients who had not been attended to by closing time were referred to the Katutura State Hospital for treatment and this exacerbated the long queues and waiting times at the already congested intermediate hospital.

According to Shangula, the situation compromised the quality of patient care and led to staff burn-out for doctors and nurses on duty.

The newly inaugurated twenty- four-hour health centre is located in a catchment area of approximately 120 600 persons.

During the last financial year, the centre treated a total of 116,866 patients, some of whom were transferred from other clinics in the Windhoek district, he disclosed.

In her opening remarks at the same event, Elizabeth Muremi, Khomas Regional health director said the Katutura Health Centre is the biggest and busiest health centre in the country.

She said extending the opening hours of the centre would allow patients flexibility in accessing healthcare.

This will bring about a welcome relief to the Katutura intermediate hospital in terms of a reduction in patient number's, she said.

She noted that in the past, closing time at 19h00 required the patients to be transported to Katutura hospital.

But now the need to transport patients has also been reduced.

The health centre will provide non-emergency services at night such as screening of adults and children, follow up treatments, dressings, family planning and stabilisation in emergency case for further referrals to the casualty department of the Katutura hospital for further medical attention.

Source: Namibia Press Agency