Kavango East elects candidates to the ‘pot’

The Swapo Party in the Kavango East Region has elected two candidates and four delegates to participate in the upcoming party Electoral College.

The six we're elected during the region's Extra-Ordinary Regional Conference here on Thursday.

The Electoral College which will take place on Friday and Saturday will electricity the part list of the 96 members for the National Assembly (NA) elections later this year.

The college will have over 200 delegates who will convene in Windhoek to decide on the party's list for the next NA and in which order they will be placed on the list.

The two candidates are, Alfons Dikuua and Bertha Nyambe.

Dikuua currently serves as the Secretary of the Swapo Party Elders Council in the region while Nyambe is the Branch mobiliser for Vilho Shikukumwa branch in Rundu and a member of the women's council.

The delegates elected are, Muriki Kalyangu, Martina Shipipa, Anselm Marungu and Erenstine Ndumba.

Swapo Regional Mobiliser Bonny Wakudumo said the elections went well and that the members knew what to do.

He said two women Solastika Murauli and Maria Kanyetu who also contested to be candidates for the pot withdrew on the floor thus Nyambe took the spot as candidate to the college.

Source: Namibia Press Agency