Kavango West Region lacks proper road networks and rural electrification: Governor

NKURENKURU: The Kavango West Region lacks proper road networks and rural electrification, regional governor Sirkka Ausiku says.

Suring her State of the Region address here on Monday, Ausiku said challenges in the region are many. According to the Poverty Mapping and Namibia Index of Multiple Deprivation Report of 2011, the former Kavango Region is the poorest region in the country.

She said the poverty level in the then Kavango Region in 2001 was 57.9 per cent, whilst in 2011 it was 53.2 per cent.

Out of the 20 poorest constituencies in Namibia by 2011, eight were from the former Kavango Region such as the Kapako, Kahenge, Mpungu and Rundu Rural constituencies, which now form part of Kavango West Region.

She said five dimensions of deprivation identified in the report are material, employment, health, education and living environment.

The Kavango West is highly rural with a high level of poverty and unemployment among the youth and particularly women.

The governor noted that the region’s lack of proper road networks inland and lack rural electrification in communities is because of Government’s policy to concentrate on schools and clinics only.