Kavekotora slams ‘late questioning’ of party election results

Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) President Mike Kavekotora said he does not understand why the results for the party presidency at the party's third ordinary convention have to be questioned now when it is just two months to national elections.

In media briefing here on Wednesday, Kavekotora said the questioning of his victory in June by Kandy Nehova, who he defeated at the party's presidency and Tjinezuma Kavari who lost on Vice president's position to Kennedy Shekupakela at the third ordinary convention is wrongly timed as they had the time to challenge the results the day they were being announced.

It needs to be stated for a record that when the results were announced, neither of the two defeated contenders for the RDP presidency, did challenge the outcome, he said.

He said Nehova congratulated him in person and conceded defeat in the media as he was quoted by the media saying it (the election) was democratic and we all won in the end. Now we are going to seriously campaign and for the National Assembly and presidential elections. I will fully support the winning candidate (Kavekotora).

Kavekotora said Meriam Hamutenya, who was the third contender for president's position has also conceded defeat and pledged her full support.

He said the bad timing of the of this questioning is a sign of a 'sour grape and bad loser syndrome' and that one has to question if the members have the best interest of the party considering that it is just two months to elections where the party have to be more united.

Kavekotora said the bad losers will go all the way to put out stops and spanners in the wheels to frustrate, create confusion and hold uninformed ransoms and therefore RDP members should not allow this to happen with them.

Kavekora said he is surprised that, the two contenders are also now raising issues around the constitutionality of the RDP third ordinary national convention resolutions.

At the RDP third ordinary convention, Kavekotora received the majority of the votes with 243 (51.1 per cent), followed by Kandy Nehova, with 133 and Mariam Hamutenya with 100 votes, while Kennedy Shekupakela has won as vice president's position with 368 votes.

Source: Namibia Press Agency