Keetmanshoop has the potential for development: Christiaan

Keetmanshoop has water, people and land as primary resources to initiate development for the town Economic Development Senior Manager at the town municipality, Jegg Christiaan has said.

Christiaan said this during a business seminar here on Thursday.

The business seminar which was held under the theme 'Unlock new opportunities through smart partnerships' took place alongside the 2019 Keetmanshoop Agriculture, Industrial and Tourism Expo which started on Tuesday and ends Saturday.

Christiaan said there is plenty of water available as far was resource is concern but what hinder the municipality is the cost of getting the people to its consumers.

Water is needed to transported from the Naute Dam and that cost it is too much as NamWater charges us N.dollars 19 per cubic metre and this forces us to charge our customers so much for water, we do have water available but the cost of getting that water is expensive, he said.

Chri also highlighted that the cost of servicing the land is also expensive for the municipality.

He went on to say that there currently 30 000 people in Keetmanshoop that have the potential to develop the town however he was quick to point out that these people are mostly under skilled and poor.

Many of these people are inflating from the rural areas with the aim to find employment to provide for themselves and their families and if they do not find jobs they are expo to crime in order to get something so survive on, said Christiaan.

He added that those from rural areas become Vulnerable in the urban areas because life become expensive for them and cannot afford basic servers.

They come from rural areas where life is cheap and come to urban areas and start demanding services such as water, electricity, health care and toilets but they are unable to pay these services as there are unemployed, he added.

In conclusion the senior manager said what is needed is for those unskilled people to be able to acquire skills for them to be able to explore the two other resources which are water and land.

Source: Namibia Press Agency