Keetmanshoop residents owe municipality over N.dollars 123 million

Keetmanshoop Municipality Public Relation Officer (PRO), Dawn Kruger said residents at the southern towns owes the municipality at least N.dollars 123 215 955.09 in water, rates and taxes.

In an interview with Nampa on Wednesday Kruger said the amount owe by the residents includes other levies but it excludes electricity.

She added that the amount of N.dollars 123 215 955.09 includes N.dollars 34 623 980.35 which is interest charges accumulated on overdue accounts.

Kruger said with the aim to collect debts the council finance department in January 2019 developed and implemented a debt repayment agreement.

‘Payment terms of the debt repayment agreement clearly stipulates that the current monthly consumption charges must be paid in full and an additional agreed upon amount to be paid on the arrears over an agreed period of time preferably and depending on the involved amount within twelve months,’ she said.

However the PRO could not provide this news agency with how many customers have signed such agreements and how much the council have collected since the process started.

‘At this point we cannot give an exact amount of people who have signed the agreement but there are people that have signed and with this COVID-19 our employees are working from home so I cannot get that figure for you now. This initiative has resulted in us collecting more revenue than before,’ said Kruger.

She went on to say that residents are willing to pay their outstanding accounts but most of the time they request that the council to consider paying a portion of interest and that is why the municipality has made a provision of N.dollars 86 103 664.31 for the current financial year cover the interest on overdue accounts.

‘The Keetmanshoop municipal council took the resolution to write of the interest charged on arrears accounts of customers with agreements. Customers must understand that the interest to be paid by council is of those that have sign agreements with the municipality, so residents should come and sign such agreements,’ she stressed.

The PRO added that council will continue to stimulate the collection of revenue rather than being faced with a common scenario where residents are illegally selling water to each other.

Source: Namibia Press Agency