Kevin Adams says sorry for Keetmanshoop railway line killing

WINDHOEK: Kevin Adams (40) and Jeanetta Katrina Julius (47) tendered pleas of not guilty on charges of murder.

The two Keetmanshoop residents also did not plead guilty to defeating or obstructing or attempting to defeat or obstruct the course of justice when they appeared in the Windhoek High Court before Judge Naomi Shivute yesterday. Both spoke through an interpreter. The State alleges that Adams and Julius acting with common purpose killed the estranged husband of Julius, Henry Thomas Julius in Keetmanshoop during the morning of March 05, 2008. It is alleged that they hid the clothing, a bloodstained tracksuit, inside their bedding and prevented the police from tracing Adams by hiding him inside a house and locking the house. According to the charge sheet they did this knowing that their conduct may frustrate or interfere with police investigations. The summary of substantial facts in the indictment state that the deceased was married to Julius at the time of his death, but was separated some time prior to his death. During the evening of March 04, 2008 to the early morning hours of March 05 they (both accused and deceased) were drinking at a local watering hole. After they left together Adams stabbed the deceased with a knife on their way to Krönlein – a suburb of Keetmanshoop – and along the railway line. The deceased died on the scene as a result of multiple stab wounds and acute blood loss. Both accused will make certain admissions, their lawyers told Judge Shivute. They however admitted to knowing the identity of the deceased, the findings of the post mortem report and the cause of death.

Both accused also admitted that they were in the company of the deceased outside Oshakati Lion Bar in Keetmanshoop between March 4 and 5. Adams further admitted that members of the Namibian Police found him under his bed on March 05 and that he and his co-accused were in a romantic relationship at the time of the deceased’s death and shared a residence. He further confessed he is the owner of the tracksuit, sneakers, blue shorts and a pair of socks confiscated from his residence upon his arrest. He also admitted that the blood found on the blue a short was the blood of the deceased and that a blood sample was taken from him by Dr Maksyl Verushka. In respect of Julius, she admitted the contents of her warning statement, that she was married to the deceased at the time of his death and that they were separated. She also admitted that the deceased obtained a protection order against her on June 23, 2006 as well as the admissibility and contents of the protection order. Julius further admitted that she and Adams were involved in a romantic relationship and lived together. The case continues today and both Adams and Julius are free on bail. Boris Isaacks and Julius by Mbanga Siyomunji represent Adams, both on instruction from the Legal Aid Department, while the State is represented by Shakwa Nyambe.