||Kharas Regional Council to appoint director of planning soon

The recruitment of a director of planning and development in the ||Kharas Regional Council will be completed before the end of this year, the council’s Chief Regional Officer, Beatus Kasete, has said.

Kasete in an interview with Nampa this week said the regional council is in the process of putting together a panel for the interviews of the three shortlisted candidates, which are scheduled to take place before the end of the year.

The ||Kharas Regional Council has been without a director of planning and development since May 2018, when Augustinus Ucham resigned.

The post was advertised in March 2019 and by May 2019, three candidates were shortlisted for the position.

The recruitment process was however interrupted when the acting director of planning, Ralph Sachika, launched a complaint with the Public Service Commission Secretariat, claiming that he was sidelined and asked that the post be re-advertised.

At that time, Sachika had been acting in the position for 13 months.

“The director post is a second managerial promotion post and the three years’ experience requirement is reasonable. The fact that you did not meet the required experience, should not be used as the reason to conclude that the process was discriminatory towards you. There are no solid grounds that can justify the nullification of the process. Therefore, the council is advised to conclude the recruitment process accordingly,” said the Public Service Commission Secretariat in documents seen by Nampa dated 13 May 2020.

In this regard, Kasete said “After we got the response from the Public Service Commission Secretariat we were ready to move on, but then COVID-19 came and all Government recruitment processes were put on hold. I am confident that we will conduct the interviews before the end of this year and if any of the shortlisted candidates make it through by early next year, the post will be filled.”

He however pointed out that if none of the three shortlisted candidates are successful in the interviews, the post will be re-advertised.

Source: Namibia Press Agency