Khorixas police operate in darkness

Police officers in Khorixas have to print and make copies of official documents at other government offices as their station had its power switched off.

Electricity at the police station was switched off last Friday due to non-payment of the electricity bill.

The Khorixas station commander, Inspector Hiskia Nuuyoma, confirmed this to New Era yesterday, saying: "Yes, we don't have electricity since last week as our electricity bills have not been paid."

''We sent the bills to the regional offices on time but we do not know what happened," Nuuyoma said.

New Era was also informed that an office fridge where consumables such as meat and dairy products are stored was transported to another police station.

Commissioner Rudolf Kanyetu, the acting police commissioner for Kunene Region, said the payment was done already and that Cenored only has to verify this so that the suspended power can be reconnected.

Kanyetu said that nobody should be blamed for electricity being switched off as all procedures were followed and payment of the bills effected.

Khorixas Police Station has been in arrears of N$11 000 with Cenored since last November while the January bill pushed the amount to N$27 000.

Former councillor Elfie Essau donated a torch for use during the night while police officers bought another torch from their own pockets.

Electricity was also switched on at the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service at Khorixas a few days ago and the delays in payments are attributed to the government having cash-flow problems.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia