Khorixas Town Council is in the process of updating its job seekers

The Khorixas Town Council is in the process of updating its job seekers database in order to prioritise youth employment opportunities in upcoming projects.

The town council's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Andreas /Howoseb told Nampa today that they aim to fight youth unemployment at the town by giving preference of employment to the youth.

The database will further enable the council and the mayor's office to have a record of the unemployed youth.

/Howoseb said the projects include the construction of a lodge in the town's jurisdiction, which started earlier this month, where council is busy engaging with the contractors to prioritise the employment of local unemployed youth.

The owners went through all statutory requirements to reach the first stage of construction, including employing youths, he said.


2 (RUNDU, 11 FEB, NAMPA) � Agriculture is moving into a new gear in the Kavango East Region after Konigstein Capital, a company operating the Mashare Irrigation Farm in the Mashare Constituency has shifted to smart agriculture.

According to the farm's managing director, Lourens le Grange in a presentation during a recent visit by a delegation from the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF), a smart agricultural system was installed at the farm to control its irrigation machinery and other equipment.

Le Grange said the system was installed to control equipment such as centre pivots using a computer or tablet without physically being present in the fields.

He said as a farm, they have been ironing out some of their production issues in terms of equipment and training of personnel to get a thorough understanding of machinery currently being utilised at the farm.

GIPF has invested N.dollars 117.5 million into the farming project, of which N.dollars 27.5 million was invested for the expansion of its maize, potatoes and other cash crops production while N.dollars 90 million was invested to introduce a new product, blueberries, into the market.

Source: Namibia Press Agency