KK questions death threats to Geingob and Shanghala

WINDHOEK: Swapo Member of Parliament (MP) Kazenambo Kazenambo on Tuesday questioned what measures government have put in place to protect the lives of citizens who receive death threats.

Kazenambo raised the question in Parliament, and directed the question to the ministers of Safety and Security; and Presidential Affairs; as well as the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

On Tuesday, the Namibian Sun newspaper reported that the police are probing a fresh death threat to Swapo presidential candidate Hage Geingob, after graffiti was found at the Polytechnic of Namibia which claimed Geingob would be killed on 24 September this year.

The death threat was scribbled onto a wall of the men’s toilet in the library.

Just four days earlier, the Windhoek Observer newspaper also ran a story in which the chairperson of the Law Reform Development Commission (LRDC), Sacky Shanghala said he had received death threats following the tabling of the Third Constitutional Amendment Bill two weeks ago.

According to the report, Shanghala received six death threats in total, most of which he got last week.

The Observer said a senior Cabinet Minister is allegedly involved in plotting to harm Shanghala.

“We are inundated through newspapers of threats on the lives of individuals of this country and the leadership of this country,” said Kazenambo.

All MPs, he said, had taken an oath to protect the integrity and safety of the people of this country.

The Minister of Safety and Security, Immanuel Ngatjizeko responded that his ministry is currently looking at other measures to beef up security, adding that parliament was, however, not the right platform to discuss an issue of that nature.

“Any minister who feels threatened can always request with the ministry, through the department of the police, to provide the necessary protection,” he explained.

On his part, Presidential Affairs’ Minister Albert Kawana said in terms of the laws, particularly the Criminal Procedure Act of 1977, it is a criminal offence to threaten another citizen’s life.

“Should such cowards be identified, they would face the wrath of the law,” he said.

Responding on behalf of the OPM, Geingob said the threats are just meant to raise their blood pressure, adding that if someone wanted to kill him, they would not go into a toilet and write it on a wall.

“Do not take it for granted, but nobody can just go and say ‘on such a day I will kill you’, as I will be ready on that day,” he responded.