“My Koek Is Moeg” Has a Rerun At NTN [column]

Although it is not for the first that My Koek is Moeg, a play by Brumelda English is featuring at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN), this time the play returned on Tuesday evening at NTN with a new twist and thrilled the audiences who couldn’t stop screaming.

A one-woman play, it is about relationships, money and betrayal. It is described as a tragic-comedy about Poppie Plaatjies, a girl from a local township Brumelda English who presented the character’s emotional narrative(s) of how she experiences womanhood in contemporary Namibia. The play left many audiences with questions relevant and crucial pertaining to Gender Based Violence as well as politics of the body in Namibia and beyond. Poppie is a very young and innocent girl who believes that everything is going well with her new boyfriend who has it all. She can’t stop smiling or telling the whole world until she fells pregnant and realises that nothing is for real and finds herself all alone until her miscarriage.

Despite all the boyfriends she had in the past she has never been able to meet the right man, and decides to give up everything saying “My koek is Moeg”, literally meaning “My P@$%amp..is tired.” She is no longer to enter any other relationship and this is the end of everything for her.

The play is directed by Jaques Mushaandja and is more educative. It tells young girls to be careful in life and not just to be impressed by rich men who only want to use them. English says that the play is the most memorable and emotionally draining character she has ever played. She hopes her audience both male and female left with a different perception after watching the play.

English is a graduate from the University of Namibia with a Bachelors Degree in Media Studies and Performing Artist. She currently works for One Africa Television but her main passion is theatre.

Source : New Era