Kudus claims digital for NBC

THE HAGUE, Netherland, Exset, pioneers of TV ecosystems for emerging markets, last week announced that Kudus Technology based in Namibia, has successfully developed monetisation applications that can be deployed by the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) using Exset’s Digital Monetisation System (DMS).
Albertus Aochamub, Director General of NBC, who is driving the nationwide digitisation, was quoted as saying “We wish Exset and Kudos the best and feel that this endeavour will bridge the gap between technology, government and monetisation.”
In a first for Africa, Kudus worked with the Digital Monetisation System supplied by Exset to demonstrate innovative and appealing applications – including games – that can be deployed by NBC over digital broadcast networks. The demonstration version of the NBC African Page, as the service is currently known, is a prime example of how Exset’s technology can be used to create enticing interactive content.
 NBC is a stakeholder in Namibia’s plans for digital terrestrial television rollout.
Kudus said in a statement it has already demonstrated its DMS-based applications to the public at two events held in August.
Himeezembi Kahorongo, CEO of Kudus Technology, said, “We compiled a questionnaire to get feedback on the DMS Namibian pages at these demonstrations.
The result of the questionnaire indicated that the general public is very enthusiastic and eager about DMS Namibia pages.
In addition, businesses couldn’t wait to provide their services on the system as it offers a much more effective way to promote their product to those who don’t have internet and newspaper access.”
DMS allows governments, network operators and broadcasters to push forwards with the deployment of digital broadcast services (terrestrial, cable or satellite) by removing the hurdle of monetisation.
 Facilitating the deployment of interactive services over and above traditional television, DMS allows operators to monetise not only through low-cost TV service subscription but additionally through selling interactive services using a variety of revenue share models.
Kahorongo said, “We’re very pleased to be the first in Africa to develop our own applications using DMS.