Kunene police commander urges Swapo and PDM to solve matters amicably

The Swapo party of Namibia and the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) were requested on Thursday by Kunene Police Regional commander, Karungojo Nderura, to reach amicable solutions after speculations that the PDM has deliberately removed Swapo party campaign banners.

The regional commander told Nampa that no case was opened with the police as both parties seek to resolve the matter among themselves pleasantly. Both parties was here, but it's not a big issue, no reports were made as they both decided to solve the matter outside said Nderura.

Upon Enquiry by Nampa, Swapo party Regional coordinator, Tuarungua Kavari said that during the party star rally in Opuwo 26 October, they had Swapo banners displayed in the main street of Opuwo only later on to realise that the banners were missing and PDM banners were spotted where theirs were positioned. He further said PDM denied removing the banners. Kavari said that the Swapo party will replace the lost banners, he also said that they reach a virtuous agreement with the PDM for both parties not to engage in acts that will contradict Namibian Electoral laws such as destroying or removing of each other banners. No case was reported with the police as we believe this matter will be solved among us cordially.

On the other hand, the PDM told this agency that yes, there was indeed Swapo banners along with theirs on the main street lights poles. The party regional coordinator, karitjindua Hepute, said they also realised later on that their banners were also gone, which they believe was destroyed by the heavy wind. After realising that the banners were missing or destroyed by the wind, we replaced ours, maybe that's the why the Swapo party think we replaced their banners with ours, but that's not what transpired, added Hepute.

Hepute further noted that they and Swapo are brothers and sisters and that they have mutual respect even though they are political rivalry which is common is most democracies like ours. We had a pleasant agreement with Swapo to respect each other boundaries and that respect will be honoured forever, said Hepute.

Mike Nganjone, assistant coordinator of ECN in the region noted that people should ensure that election campaigns and other political activities are conducted in a peaceful atmosphere. Provocative deeds which could provoke violence should be dodged. The common aim of the ECN is to carry out credible, peaceful, free and fair elections.

Source: Namibia Press Agency