L and #971;deritz’s economic potential untapped: Mukapuli

L and #971;deritz is a town with economic potential which is under-utilized and exploited, the Mayor of L and #971;deritz, HilariaMukapuli has said.

She was speaking at the commissioning of the first manganese shipment through the port of L and #971;deritz here on Friday.

She said the town has favourable conditions for sustainable export-oriented growth which might lead to long term job-creation opportunities as well as opportunities for small and medium enterprises.

It is my conviction that together as stakeholders if committed to future economic development initiatives, we can positively contribute to a well-restructured local economy transformation, said Mukapuli.

The mayor said the economy of L and #971;deritz critically dependent on private sector investment adding that the achievement of economic development with the town at the ||Kharas region at large need reliable and sustainable infrastructures.

In order to attract potential investors hence the re-activation of the train bears testimony to that. We are convinced and positive that the previous years of stagnation would be turned into years of continuous local economic growth, she said.

Speaking at the same event the Deputy Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and Small and Medium Enterprise development, Lucia Iipumbu said the key feature of the Namibian economy is re-export with many imports through the economy being re-exported to the Southern African Development Countries (SADC) hinterland.

Our ambition is thus to make Namibia also be a Trans economy but with export from SADC being routed through our ports to world market, thus promoting bidirectional transit within SADC, she said.

She went on to say that is key that the Trans Oranje Corridor Route that links the port of L and #971;deritz to the Northern Cape of South Africa and Southern part of Namibia to the Northern part and subsequently to the broader SADC landlocked countries.

This will ultimately strengthen the Namibian value chain system and spatial development intuitive along the corridor route and thus increase throughput capacity via the port of L and #971;deritz , Iipumbu said.

The manganese is being transportation from Tshipi Manganese mine in the Northern Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa through the Trans oranje corridor route to the port of L and #971;deritz and then ship to the international market mostly to China.

Source: Namibia Press Agency