Labourers of Omaheke Region donate for improvement in literacy rate

EPUKIRO: The large number of labourers living on commercial farms in the Omaheke Region has contributed to the region’s poor literacy rate, as these farms are often inaccessible for literacy promoters.

The hostile reception that is often encountered by literacy promoters from farm owners when attempting to enter commercial farms in the region has made it impossible for them to reach the needy farm workers.

As such, many of those living on farms are said to have one of the lowest literacy rates, contributing to the persistently low literacy rate of the Omaheke Region at 70 per cent.

Usiel Ruhumba of the National Literacy Programme in Namibia says literacy initiatives in the region are hampered by non-cooperating farm owners who refuse them permission to enter their farms to reach the needy farm labourers.

Ruhumba was addressing a celebration of International Literacy Day in the Omaheke Region at Epukiro on Friday.

He said while the region’s literacy promoters do their best to reach out to most of the adult learners in need of literacy education, the vastness of the region has also made such process difficult.