Lack of speed humps a problem at Oniipa

Omuthiya-Oniipa Constituency Councillor Jerry Gwena is concerned about the increasing number of road accidents involving pedestrians between Onethindi and Oshigambo, a problem that he attributed to speeding and the lack of speed humps.

He said in different incidents three people were bumped by cars recently near Nani private school while trying to cross the road.

Among the victims was 35-year-old Sakeus Lot, who sustained head injuries when he was hit by an Isuzu, according to the police report on the incident. The driver of the Isuzu who was travelling from Oshigambo to Onethindi was identified as Simon Hinamwaami from Kamumbwenge village.

This was the latest incident and luckily they did not die. They are now recovering in hospital. I have been advocating for the erection of speed humps on this road, but up to now nothing has been done, said Gwena.

He added that he was saddened by the response they received from Roads Authority (RA), who said they did not have funds for the erection of speed humps.

It was really a sad response to us, yet our people are being bumped day and night by speeding cars. I hope RA will do will do something soon as a matter of urgency to remedy the situation, Gwena stressed.

He also appealed to drivers to obey the traffic signs and rules and adhere to the set maximum speed limit.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia