Lack of transcripts delays judgment in Breder murder case

Anthea Arnold, a woman accused of fatally shooting her former German lover, is yet to hear her fate following another postponement in her case.

Arnold, 32, was due to hear judgment in her trial yesterday, but she was informed that a decision has not been reached yet as the record of court proceedings had not been yet transcribed.

It's not that I do not want to do my job. However, there is nothing I can really do without the transcribed record, Magistrate Ileni Velikoshi said. Velikoshi explained that he first asked for the transcript of the proceedings on September 15 and on October 5, but to no avail.

Arnold, who has denied guilt, is on trial for shooting and killing her former lover, Michael Breder, aged 55, in his car in Windhoek's Southern Industrial Area on May 15, 2011.

According to state pathologist Dr Yury Vasin, Breder was shot in the back from a distance of less than 15 centimeters. The bullet that struck him passed through his spinal column, aorta and heart.

According to Arnold, who was the only other person at the scene with Breder, she acted in self-defense and never meant to kill the deceased.

In her testimony she said the two were seated in Breder's car when an argument � which led to Breder assaulting her � erupted. Arnold said shortly after the assault came to a halt, she noticed that Breder had a gun in his hands, which she immediately grabbed and fired a shot.

Arnold indicated she cannot recall in which direction she directed the shot.

Arnold, who has been in custody since her re-arrest in January when she absconded for almost six months and fled to Zambia, was informed she will remain in custody and that the transcript of the record would be ready within two days for the judgment to be heard on Thursday.

Defence lawyer Mbanga Siyomunji appeared for Arnold with Prosecutor Erastus Hatutale representing the State.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia