Land commission of inquiry will consider all submissions: Nawatiseb

Namibians should not fear that their submissions at the public hearing underway on commission of inquiry into claims of ancestral land rights and restitution will not be favoured, as the commission judiciously will consider all, Deputy Minister of Information Engel Nawatiseb has said.

In a media statement issued on Thursday, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology said the public has no reason to fear making submissions as the community have a golden opportunity to make a meaningful and constructive contribution toward the partial resolution of the land question.

Nawatiseb said calumnies and doubts continues to cast on the work of the Presidential commission by some members of the public, community and traditional leaders.

He said the essence of the commission is to familiarise itself with ancestral land and the concomitant rights thereto that may exist, of which the commission could not have done this efficiently and effectively through public hearings.

Unless any individual or community helps the commission in this regard, ancestral land rights shall never be defined and concomitantly never be realised. The clarion call for the definition of ancestral land rights and their eventual realisation in whatever way possible within the Constitutional shall only remain a hollow cry, he said.

Nawatiseb called on all Namibians to contribute in whatever way even through constructive criticism during the public hearing on the matter, in order for the commission to submit a constructive report President HageGeingob on the way forward.

He noted that the commission resolved to conduct the queries through a three phased programme of inquiry where the first was to contract experts who will conduct research and write up the historical and legal background of land dispossession in Namibia.

While, the second was not to invite members of the public to make written representations, testimonies, suggestions and recommendations on 20 May to 21 June 2019 of which 85 written representations where received.

The third phase is the current public hearings which started on 01 July to 09 August 2019.

The government shall continue to give its full backing to the commission and its work and equally appeals to the public to continue to give it the cooperation that is been giving it, he said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency