Launch of ‘A Journey through Time’

Luderitz-Through A Journey Through Time Launched, NovaNam Limited, not only reflects on but celebrates the uniqueness of Luderitz since time immemorial, both in terms of its past rich fabric as well as its exciting future.

Launched last Thursday here in the Turnhalle Hall, the book recounts and captures moments in time that transformed

Luderitz from a once prosperous southern fishing town, well known for its famous Rock Lobster and Diamonds to the demise of the economy of the town at one stage.

It captures the town's history through to its revival and strengthening right after independence when fishing companies, such as NovaNam Limited, set up shop, which seems to have ignited the spirit of industriousness at the town and among its people.

Chairman of NovaNam David Troncoso handed over a copy of the first edition of the book to the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernhard Esau.

Esau congratulated NovaNam for undertaking a truly noble venture by telling the story of Luderitz in a book, as over the centuries, history has proved that the best way of preserving ideas and memories is by writing them down.

He stated that while in the virtual world, people do everything online and in the cloud, in terms of staying power, a book is still the only time-tested way of communicating from generation to generation,

I imagine this was the conviction behind NovaNam's desire to write a book about Luderitz, Esau said.

The fisheries minister said Luderitz' story was a story worth telling, as the many and varied facets of it through time, needed to be captured in a book, so that all remember the Luderitz of the past with all its challenges and opportunities as well as fully appreciate the Luderitz of today, and work for an even better Luderitz of tomorrow.

Esau stressed that this southern Namibian coastal town in the !Nami#nus constituency, renamed Luderitzbucht after the German businessman Adolf Luderitz in 1886, had a very rich history that merited its telling to all generations.

This applied especially to the portrayal of its legendary tapestry of history, architecture, local economy, adventure and geography, which was unique.

Visitors to this town are amazed by the stark contrasts of the cold Atlantic Ocean next to the oldest desert in the world, the Namib, accompanied by strong winds, also unique to this part of Namibia.

By sponsoring the well-illustrated publication, NovaNam will help readers present and future to understand Luderitz from its humble beginning, through an at times disturbing history, to its present realities, and the wonderful opportunities this remarkable town has offer.

He said Novanam became the first vertically integrated fishing business investment in Luderitz right at the time of Namibia'' independence in 1990, when the town was Namibia's only sea port, because Walvis Bay remained under colonial rule until 1994.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia