Leading small stock farmer survives crash

One of Namibia's foremost small stock farmers, Johannes 'Slava' Motinga, as well as two friends and three of his workers, survived a horrific car crash last week.

The owner of Farm Auas Sud no.7 lost control of his Land Cruiser last Wednesday on a blind rise on the Gideon road close to his farmstead. He suffered a fractured pelvis and several upper-body and head injuries as a result.

Slava, 55, related how he thought he was living his last moments on earth as the 4X4 bakkie started rolling after the trailer jack-knifed and went flying through the air. He will have to spend the next three weeks flat on his back at his daughter's house in the capital, while his five passengers were treated in hospitals in Keetmanshoop and Windhoek.

It was terrifying. It is something I will never really forget. Even now I can recall almost everything as if it was yesterday: the realisation that the trailer had jacked-knifed and that I was travelling too fast. I am just overwhelmed that nobody was killed in the horrific crash, he whispered from his hospital bed.

He says the prognosis was good that they will all recover in time.

Motinga's farm is tucked away in the hills some 13 kilometres east of Helmeringhausen on the Gibeon road where he farms with his wife, Menethe. The husband-and-wife partnership farm with Boer goats, Kalahari Red goats, white and black karakul sheep, Dorper sheep and cattle on the 14,000-hectare farm.

Although they are doing well with the small livestock and have won many sought-after awards, they are also generating income through trophy hunting. Quality rams, as well as young ewes , are also always available at the farm throughout the year and Motinga does not mind sharing breeding tips with upcoming farmers.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia