Learners implored to study hard

Ondangwa-Prominent businessman, John Endjala, has implored learners to study hard as education is the only key to success for this generation. He reminded them that the world has now revolves on technology and that for one to make it in life one should be well educated.

Endjala, who is a Grade 9 dropout, addressed learners and teachers at an award ceremony for best performers that was held last Friday at Ondangwa, where he advised the learners not to follow in his footsteps because competition has become stiff and that education is essential.

"During my time, things were done differently as opposed to now where the world has changed. My businesses are flourishing because of educated people, I only run the businesses 20 percent and they do the rest. Therefore, I just provide the leadership and come up with ideas ,which are then worked upon," narrated Endjala, while informing learners that even his English is now better because he acquainted himself with educated people.

"Imagine if I was not close to educated people and only associated with the illiterate what could have happened? I wouldn't be speaking this English. Therefore, the same applies now if my business happens to fail, what will become of me without any educational qualification? At least once you have a qualification it is even easy to access finances because you have security. Thus, don't lie to yourself to drop out and venture into business now," he advised.

In the same vein, he cautioned those that like to boast because they have obtained their qualification to stop recusing themselves from nation building and helping others.

"Because now you have a salary you forget everything but only yourself. [You] should not stop building up and helping others with wisdom to succeed. Someone paid for that qualification for you to obtain it, therefore, why not do it for others as well," he added, giving examples of prominent lawyer Sisa Namandje and businessman Vaino Nghipondoka, who he said he had assisted to get where they are now.

"Those are my products, I saw potential in them and I had to assist. Therefore, I am here pledging N$100 000, which will be used to improve the results of some poorly performing schools," he stressed.

Tsintsabis Combined School would benefit from the donation, as it is one of the school that have consistently produced poor results.

The school dropped from 25 percent pass rate in 2015 to zero percent in last year's Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC).

"We are going to camp at the school together with the Director of Education and some teachers and see how we can improve those results and performance. Therefore, the money will cater also for those that will volunteer to go [and] teach at the school for the time being," Endjala reaffirmed.

The Special Advisor to the Governor of Oshikoto, Erwin Nashikaku, pledged a cow to each best performing learner from Grade 1 to 12. Tsumeb Trust Fund also donated N$25 000 as well as N$50 000 from Free Namibia Catering.

At the same occasion, the Governor for Oshikoto region, Henock Kankoshi, told the learners that no one is a failure and the only failure in life is failing to try.

"Therefore, those that will not receive anything should not be demoralised, nor should the event be deemed as a platform for criticism and judging those that performed poorly. I am, therefore, urging teachers to continue coaching and motivating learners to do better," he said.

Oshikoto region is one the best performing regions nationally in the JSC exams where it has remained on top for nine consecutive years.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia