Let us agree on electricity

CEO of the Competition Commission, Mihe Gaomab II and Sisheo Simasiku, CEO of the Electricity Control Board, singing a Memorandum of Agreement to establish a framework for both institutions to avoid duplication of mandates and actions where similarities exist in the legislation controlling the two statutory bodies. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)The Electricity Control Board (ECB) and the Namibia Competition Commission (NaCC) has signed a memorandum of agreement that will ensure enhanced competition within the energy sector. Electricity generation and electricity distribution have both been stricken with issues of competition.
The Memorandum of Agreement establishes a framework that will enable both parties to promote and maintain fair competition and a stable environment within the electricity sector, to promote the development of competitive markets in the electricity industry, and finally to promote co-operation and co-ordination between the ECB and the NaCC when dealing with cases of anti-competitive behaviour.
The agreement also addresses an appropriate response to mergers and acquisitions within the electricity industry. On an operational level, it mandates the two institutions to undertake joint investigations and to conduct market enquires or research studies as required. The agreement also serves to improve understanding of the parties’ respective roles by making provision for general studies on the effectiveness of competition within the electricity industry.