‘Let us deny Swapo two-thirds majority’: Swanu

President of the South West Africa National Union (SWANU), Tangeni Ijambo has urged the Namibians to vote for his party in order to deny SWAPO the 2/3 majority in parliament.

Speaking here on Monday while launching the party 2019 election manifesto, Ijambo said change is necessary adding the nation, through SWANU should re-envision and recreate Namibia and transform her into a fair, free and open society, which harnesses the ability of each citizen to fully participate in society, present them with the opportunity to fulfil their potential free from poverty, ignorance and discrimination.

The time has come to reverse our losses. Let us join forces to deny SWAPO the 2/3 majority and restore Namibia into a country we can all be proud of again, he said.

He said with SWAPO having 2/3 majority in parliament, they can outvote any motion they do not like.

Ijambo urged the nation to join SWANU, turn the tide and build a more prosperous dignified future for all irrespective of their race, creed, ethnicity, gender or social status.

He said his party is campaigning to have a more inclusive, equal, just, safe, transparent, democratic and accountable political dispensation in Namibia that is free from corruption, which he said it has reached an alarming proportion which caused a major economic downturn, growing poverty and crime.

We are striving to address historical injustice and a stubborn and growing inequality that is widening the gap between the wealthy few and the majority of our suffering people, he said.

Ijambo added that SWANU is also aiming to revive the ailing Namibian economy which is facing imminent junk status and to make it competitive again will require a tough and unpopular decision.

He said the country is facing challenging issues such as landlessness, rising crime and violence and the current government have failed to address them.

He added these challenges are caused by inequality perpetuated by the ruthless and uncaring capitalism and a slavish belief in the ability of the free market to deliver social justice and equality, social welfare and dignity.

The manifesto was launched under the theme unshakable commitment towards socialism for sixty years and beyond.

Source: Namibia Press Agency