Lichtenstrasser to hear bail fate end July

Namibia Institute for Mining and Technology (NIMT) double murder accused Ernst Lichtenstrasser will hear his fate on whether on not his will be granted bail on 24 July 2019.

This will be on the same day he is set to make his second appearance on his initial charges in the Swakopmund Magistrate Court.

Lichtenstrasser stands accused of allegedly shooting and murdering NIMT director Eckhart Mueller, 72, and deputy director HeimoHellwig, 60, who were shot to death in front of the NIMT campus office block in Arandis on 15 April 2019.

He appeared before Magistrates Conchita Olivier, who informed the accused that after it has carefully deliberated both his defence and state's arguments during the bail hearing, the state will deliver the verdict in the matter.

During their arguments, the accused's lawyer Trevor Brockerhoff argued that there was no direct evidence implicating his client in the crime and that the evidence provided in court so far was a fallacy.

During a his cross-examination on state witness Inspector ReinhardMaletzky of the Namibian Police Force, Brockerhoff further maintained that his client never confessed to the murder as testified by him and was provided as evidence by the state.

Brockerhoff also disputed Maletzky and the state's fear of the accused absconding, adding that it would be impractical for him to do that as, among the reasons, he has no travelling documents on, his entire immediate family is in Namibia and that his current financial situation would not allow him to travel.

It would also be long before this case goes to trial, which would be unfair to keep my client in custody during that entire time.

I therefore believe he should be granted bail in order to go back to work, his family and become the useful member of society he was before this case, he noted.

Meanwhile Deputy Prosecutor-General Advocate Antonia Verhoef, who is opposing for bail, argued that the state has got a very strong case against Lichtenstrasser and that his confession to the murder was not the case's backbone but merely a bonus.

Source: Namibia Press Agency