Liswaniso appointed CEO of Katima Mulilo

Katima Mulio-Former Walvis Bay municipal employee Rafael Liswaniso has been appointed as the new CEO of Katima Mulilo Town Council that has been without a CEO since Charles Nawa Nawa resigned a year ago in July 2016.

Liswaniso was reportedly among the top three candidates who performed well in the interviews conducted in March. His appointment was however delayed as the council and Urban and Rural Development Minister Sophia Shaningwa did not pull in the same direction.

The wait is now over as Liswaniso was confirmed as the new CEO during a media briefing yesterday. Speaking at the briefing the mayor of Katima Mulilo, Georgina Mwiya-Simataa, pointed out that although the council had an acting CEO it was not easy to fully execute its duties.

The Katima Mulilo Town Council operated under a big leadership vacuum, as the council stayed for a long time with vacant managerial positions and these positions were only filled in February this year. As we speak the position of the CEO will also as from today be filled. Let there be no excuses of non-performing, or below standard performance, as the staff structure is now fully filled, she stated.

In his acceptance speech Liswaniso said he would work tirelessly to make Katima Mulilo great again.

This town is supposed to be one of the best towns in Namibia and that is my endeavour � to ensure that the public should be involved, the residents; the inhabitants should be involved in the planning of this town; my vision and ambition is to make this town great again, said Liswaniso.

He added that he would work hand in hand with the local authority councillors to ensure they deliver on their promises.

Our council needs revenue, we cannot operate as usual � my duty will be to ensure that the councillors are delivering through my office, I will make sure that they deliver on their mandate for their re-election.

Speaking at the same occasion the chief regional officer of Zambezi Region, Regina Ndopu-Lubinda, called on the new CEO to work in harmony with the council to ensure they deliver on services. She added that her office and that of the regional governor would always be open for council engagements.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia