LPM holds inaugural People’s Assembly in capital

The leadership of the Landless People's Movement (LPM) held the party's first ever People's Assembly in the capital on Saturday.

The meeting is purely for internal organisational and administrative matters such as the adoption of the party's constitution, the affirmation of the presidium and accreditation of the delegates who are taking part in the event.

During the in house discussions, the People's Assembly will deliberate on critical issues that are affecting the Namibian People such as rethinking of the land reform in the country, the land tenure reform, the state of the worker's rights in the country, the practical proposal for resolving urban land crisis, as well as the impacts of the gender- based violence acts in the country amongst others.

Apart from the above, the Peoples Assembly is also expected to consider the 2019 LPM election Manifesto and the nomination of leaders for the party's list of the members of the National Assembly (Parliament).

Speaking at the event, the LPM leader Bernadus Swartbooi said that Namibia has to choose the direction to lead the country therefore Namibia is at the historic moment where leaders has to provide alternative policies that all seek to stand for.

Swartbooi stressed that it is now the time to ask the Namibian nation to make a choice between corruptions, nepotism, colonialism, poverty or clean and good governance.

He noted that a little impact has been made in terms with the provision education for all, health care, tared roads, electricity, housing, and land servicing, amongst others.

While so many agree to problems of service delivery this country so many are still in fear to point out the unsustainable democracy.

Leaders in this country witnessing in parliament the deteriorating of services and lack of accountability ,and only start to campaign in the only sleeps at the peoples places during election merely for votes, said Swartbooi.

The political Parties' relationship with the society should reverse itself in the day-today-struggle of the people, instead of using the most disadvantaged people to gain votes in elections.

Close to over 500 people attended the LPM's Peoples' Assembly that ends on Sunday.

Source: Namibia Press Agency