Lüderitz Informal Settlements to Get Light

About 40 electrical boxes worth N$95 000 will be installed in informal settlements in Luumlderitz to provide electricity for the poor.

The Councillor for the !Nami#nus Constituency Jan Scholtz said the effort started way back in 2011, when electrical boxes to the tune of N$100 00 were donated to the Luumlderitz Town Council to be installed for the most needy members of the community.

On 18 August 2014, Scholtz handed a cheque worth N$95 000 to the chairperson of the management committee of the town council Silas Hamukuaya, at the !Nami#nus Constituency office for the purchase and installation of the boxes.

“This has been made possible by the !Nami#nus Constituency office through the 5 percent levy contribution from the Karas Regional Council allocated to the Constituency Development Fund,” said Scholtz. He also indicated that their partnership or relationship with the Luumlderitz Town Council has thus far been commendable and they greatly value this relationship, which has mutually benefited both parties in addressing common challenges in bringing services closer to the people.

“Therefore, we will continuously nurture and strengthen this relationship for the greater cause which is that of developing our constituency to a level that we can all see and realize the objectives of Vision 2030 which is what we are striving for,” said Scholtz.

Scholtz emphasized that in such a modern automated world of today they want to ensure that people have equal access to resources and access to electricity, which is a necessity for every citizen in the country therefore the informal settlements cannot be behind as far as development is concerned.

“It is only through this effort that we will be able to prevent fires in informal settlements,” Scholtz said.

He appealed to the beneficiaries to look after the boxes. He said they are also looking at all possibilities and ways to assist SMEs in the constituency to address employment creation and working around the clock to lobby for support at all possible platforms.

At the same occasion Scholtz handed over a cheque of N$3 000 to each of the three soup kitchens in Luumlderitz, which are St Peter’s, Nautilus and the Roman Catholic Church soup kitchens.

Source : New Era