Lukato Lukato urges voters to choose wisely this time

National Democratic Party (NDP) president Martin Lukato Lukato said, Namibians should blame themselves for living like refugees in their own country because they made wrong decisions by voting for empty promises in previous election.

Lukato Lukato made these remarks on Saturday at Okahandja Park open Market in Katutura, during his party's election campaign where he is campaigning for the National Assembly.

He said people made a mistake by listened to someone in the previous elections, who told and explained to them how they are going to better the country if voted and people thought it they were making the right decision, but it was all empty promise and they now own nothing but their lives and opinions.

Permit me to say this and don't take offense, on the last election you made a decision and you voted for poor education, you said no to owning land, no to unemployment solution, you said no unite, peace and security, it is your fault you are living like a refuge in your own country owning nothing but your life, entitled to nothing but your opinions, said Lukato Lukato.

He therefore urged people to take a stand and vote for NDP to protect the country for future generation and avoid a national disaster.

Some of you are probably wondering what disaster there could be, do me a favor and look around you, consider the life of all your family members, are you liking it? Asked Lukato Lukato.

He said more often, hospitals don't have the necessary equipment and necessities such as proper blankets and at times they run out of water. Kids are being taught under trees, maladministration and corruption but no one is held accountable.

And you want to know why I said it is your fault, that because I know during the past election someone told you and explained to you on how they can better this country and you said they were right but went and made a choice to what is not right, expressed Lukato Lukato.

He further added that, he hope Namibians have had enough with their sufferings and if they are willing to take a step by choosing for what they deserve, then NDP is the right tool to attain a better Namibia and a better life for all citizens.

Source: Namibia Press Agency