Madam Pohamba Warns Youth On Promiscuity

First Lady Penehupifo Pohamba has urged the youth to take responsible decisions and control their sexual behaviour to curb the further spread of HIVAIDS in the country. She also expressed concern about the high rate of teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse among the youth and escalating cases of domestic violence.

She was speaking at Ohadiwa village in the Okaku constituency of the Oshana Region on the occasion of the belated 24th Independence Day anniversary celebrations on Saturday.

“I wish to urge all, especially the youth that a right goes along with responsibility, therefore you should make responsible decisions as your behaviour today will shape your behaviour tomorrow and in the world to come,” Pohamba exhorted the youth.

She said Namibia is a youthful nation that needs to be developed socially and economically but this will only happen if the youth are well informed on the dangers of the HIVAIDS pandemic. Pohamba is the former president of the Organisation of African First Ladies against HIVAIDS.

“HIV is real, it has killed millions of people and that is why we should avoid irresponsible sexual behaviour,” said Pohamba.

She also called on all stakeholders including parents to acquaint themselves with information about the disease so that everyone can be informed on the dangers of HIVAIDS.

She said the Maternal and Child Health Agenda is progressing very well. “However, I am very concerned about teenage pregnancy, the high rate of HIVAIDS among youth and domestic violence,” she noted.

Ohadiwa village has the highest number of school dropouts in the constituency due to teenage pregnancy and unemployment. In spite of the severe punishment meted out by the courts, there has been an alarming escalation in violent crimes perpetrated against females and girls in particular.

Madam Pohamba also denounced the violence against women and children being perpetrated by males, saying it will take the country backwards in terms of socio-economic development.

Source  : New Era