Major Norwegian retailer brings sales team to steakland

Whow, that is a big steak. The NorgesGruppen sales team had ample opportunity to appreciate the amazing quality of Meatco’s Natures Reserve product. Meatco Producer, Andreas Wiese, explains Namibian farming conditions to the NorgesGruppen sales team. In the foreground is Frederico Ferrannini Fick, head buyer for the Norgesgruppen.NorgesGruppen, one of Meatco’s biggest clients and one of Norway’s largest retail businesses, hosted their annual internal sales meeting in Namibia. According to Meatco’s first E-newsletter for 2013, the group of 19 landed in Windhoek on Friday, 04 January 2013 and attended a demonstration of Meatco beef, sheep and game on Saturday, 5 January where they also visited the farm Ongeama.
Frederico Ferannini Fick, head buyer for NorgesGruppen, said the decision to host their annual strategic sales meeting in Namibia was taken in order for the sales team to experience Namibia first hand which would allow them to better sell the Namibian story and Meatco’s Natures Reserve product in Norway.
Frederico, who was also the guest speaker at Meatco’s Producer of the Year event in 2011, said that hosting the meeting in Namibia is not only a substantial investment but the Norwegian team believes in the Natures Reserve brand so much that they felt it was worth while to come to Africa.
Meatco’s Chief Executive Officer, Kobus du Plessis made a small presentation to the group on 06 January and on 07 January the group toured the Meatco facilities. The group left for Norway  Tuesday last week.