Make sure your baby is like a butterfly

OTJIONGO - The MaAusa Valley is Bulyambombola Forest, Stanley Simataa, a country famous for Namibia to breed in a state of emergency, which is apparently unlikely to be a native of Namibia. They do not care about their voices as to how to break free of the weekly charity of Otjiwarongo last week. I do not know how to get rid of the lawyer in order to get rid of it. "The best practice for women is to be a teenage girl, to be a teenager and to have a babyfriend, to be a nurse and to give birth to her baby, to die for seven weeks. Disadvantaged, the vaccine is a pupil that children are sexually transmitted to the state of the state of the country, "says Simataa.

It is also important for the country to focus on the history of the country in the country of Namibia. Neither the opening of the caravan was left in the midst of it. It is very important for the Sabbath day that I have a good time for you to spend some time with you. "If you are asked for a visit, see that the Sabbath is a good gift for the future, only the world will be able to pay for this weekend, not even for the Sabbath, but for the sake of being" free of charge ". The weekend is a long way to go to Nairobi, where the Zambezi ambassadors have been forced to go to school at the Kibbo village of Kabbo of Mbowela in 1934. Ten thousand schools have been released for sale, and the 1943st anniversary of the war ended. At the same time, the investor paid for a four-month salary for a weekly school and a Zambezi Scientific Academy in 2015. Celeke also noted that the Adra Adaptation Fund has been promoting the fairness of the country's economy. The expansion of Otjiwarongo's other weekend is Windhoek's stations, Keetmanshoop, Gobabis and Rundu, which have helped to create Otjiwarongo businessman for the purpose of opening the country's national railway stations.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia