Man arrested for alleged killing of a man over N.dollars 20

A 47-year-old man was arrested at Nkurenkuru on Thursday after he allegedly killed an unidentified man over N.dollars 20, who succumbed to injuries inflicted on his head.

According to the weekend crime report issued by the Namibian Police on Sunday, the incident happened at around 16h00 at Caima village in the Kavango West Region.

It is alleged that the suspect assaulted the victim with a stick on the head several times, resulting in serious injuries, and he later succumbed to the injuries the same 22 October night in the Rundu State Hospital intensive care unit at around 23h40.

The police said it is alleged that the man had an argument with the suspect over N.dollars 20 before the assault.

The suspect fled the scene but has since been arrested, and the deceased is not yet identified.

In an unrelated incident at Mavandje village also in the Kavango West Region, a 24-year-old woman was allegedly seriously assaulted by her boyfriend on Wednesday.

According to the police, the woman was four months pregnant, and the assault resulted in a miscarriage.

The suspect has not yet been arrested but efforts are being made to trace him, the police said.

Investigations in the two incidents continue.

Source: Namibia Press Agency