Manganese exportation to Namibia’s logistics hub potential: Mbumba

The exporting of Manganese via the Trans Oranje Corridor route through the L and #971;deritz Port is a testimony to the economic ambitions of transforming Namibia into a logistic hub of choice for Southern Africa and the Africa at Large.

These remarks were made by the Vice President, NangoloMbumba in a speech read on his behalf here on Friday at the commissioning of the first manganese shipment through the port of L and #971;deritz.

Mbumba said the private and public sector should invest in the Namibian's economy in order to bring about economic emancipation and shared prosperity from a long protracted struggle of skewed development.

Private sector as the engine of economic growth should subscribe to the common agenda for inclusive growth and shared prosperity while taking its rightful place, he added.

He went on to say that Africa has for decades been a frontier that has fuelled many nations be it Europe, Asia and the Americas with mineral resources for their economies.

Africa is equally called upon to genuinely and purposefully develop and enhance inter-dependence and establish visible approach of trade amongst its counties. We thus need to find ways and means to optimally utilise the unique characteristics of each country in bridging the element of distance, said Mbumba.

He said the global recession has forced Africans to rethink on how to conduct business as it requires to device new ways and strategies to repositioning themselves competitively.

The manganese project is well par with the goal of attaining global competitiveness, in line with the broader agenda of SADC regional integration and border Africa integration through the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement, he said.

Mbumba further said the Southern part of Namibia like other parts have experience a decline in economic growth which was exacerbated by the sluggish down turn of the diamond mining at Elizabeth Bay mine and the struggling Zinz mine in Rosh Pinah.

This unfortunate turn of events can however be countered with new opportunities within the logistics industry, like the manganese project, he remarked.

The vice president emphasis that the transportation of manganese via the trans oranje corridor route through the port of L and #971;deritz will have a significant impact of the Namibian economy with capital influx of more than N.dollars 700 per annum.

The manganese is being transportation from Tshipi Manganese mine in the Northern Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa through the trans oranje corridor route to the port of L and #971;deritz and then ship to the international market mostly to China.

Source: Namibia Press Agency