Manufacturer of the Year award launched

The Namibia Manufacturers Association this week launched the inaugural Manufacturer of the Year Award 2013.
The award ceremony, aimed at recognising and rewarding Namibian manufacturers who during the past years went the extra mile in putting Namibia amongst international manufacturers, will be held on 20 June 2013.
It will be the first time since the association’s inception in 1994, that members of the NMA are given the opportunity to participate in a project where they can showcase their products at an awards ceremony.
NMA Chairperson, Brian Black told reporters Wednesday that now is the right time to start honouring and recognizing excellence amongst the association’s members on a national platform in order to enhance awareness of Namibian products and to promote the need for more local manufacturing activities.
Black said: Prior to Independence, Namibia simply did not have a manufacturing industry. Everything was happening outside, even water was imported from South Africa. Obviously the NMA with government and various stakeholders’ support, we have to start somewhere in encouraging local manufacturing. We believe that the time has now come to start showcasing what our members are capable of. We are looking forward for this specific awards to grow year to year.”