Marco Fishing injects major new investment

Marco Fishing has since its partnership with Mekarilakha Fishing embarked on a substantial expansion strategy � both on land and at sea � with the construction of the Luderitz factory currently underway.

At sea, the company has commissioned the construction of a dedicated longline fishing vessel, the MFV Meka Bay. The vessel would be the third fibreglass vessel constructed by the company and the seventh vessel in its fleet.

The vessel boasts some impressive numbers. It is 30 metres long and 8 metres wide making it the largest fibre glass vessel to date to be built in the Southern Hemisphere. It is propelled by an engine of 588 kW, giving it a top speed in excess of 10 knots.

Marco Fishing is one of the smaller hake right holders and has been operating in Luderitz since 1993. The company also diversified by investing in the large pelagic sector. Mekarilakha Fishing is a joint venture of five new right holders.

By acquiring shares in Marco, the company has made a significant investment in ownership of fishing vessels and processing facilities, joint control, Luderitz based operations and contribution to new and existing job security.

With the additional hake quota available to the company the board made the decision in middle 2016 to expand the factory and the Marco fleet by ordering a new hake longline vessel.

With this Marco Fishing (Pty) Ltd has re-emphasised their commitment to the regional development and specifically investment in the town of Luderitz. The new factory and related processing capability, as well as the new vessel will result in additional job creation in excess of 100 people, the company said in a statement.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia