Max Makushe Secondary School learners sent home due to broken pots

The Max Makushe Secondary School in the Kavango East Region has sent all of its learners home due to the school's hostel electric pots for cooking that is not functioning.

Two cold storage rooms have also not been working since last year, the Principal of the school Godfrey Mukata said when Nampa visited the school on Wednesday.

Last year nearly 400 learners got food poisoning due to the two cold storage rooms not working leading to chaos when they (learners) got diarrhea from the bread they had eaten at breakfast.

When Nampa arrived at around 10h00 there were absolutely no learners in class and only teachers could be seen at the premises of the school.

The electric pots began not functioning since last year October. We informed the regional directorate of education but we were informed that they were still waiting for funds, Mukata explained.

This year the principal said the directorate was still consulted but gave an indication to visit the school.

The principal said the school did not want to enroll learners this year as their health and well-being was at risk.

Currently, we are relying on one electric pot out of four. The one working is very slow and takes six hours for it to start boiling the food, he stressed.

He further explained that when staff from the kitchen switch the pot on at 03h00 in the morning it will only start boiling at 09h00.

Thus the 1055 learners in the hostel have been feeding on either bread with tea or bread with juice.

The use of this one-pot only the principal indicated has been a headache as they have to cook empty it and cook something else in the same pot again.

The situation was going worse and the learners were all released from school on Tuesday Mukata said adding that hunger negatively impacts academic performance.

How do you teach learners that are hungry? Thus we were left with no choice but to release them, he noted.

Mukata said as soon as the issue has been resolved the learners will return back to school.

The Director of Education in the region Fanuel Kapapero said bureaucracy is the biggest issue before stating that his office will soon receive funds to resolve the problem.

'The Kavango East Regional Council is on the task now working on the submission to approve the N.dollars 300 000 needed to fix the electric pots,' he said.

This process could take two or three days Kapapero said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency