MET successfully collars ‘Swakop elephant’

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) has successfully collared the Swakopmund elephant for the purpose of its management and monitoring, on Wednesday.

According to MET Public Relations Officer Romeo Muyunda in a report issued on Wednesday, the elephant bull which made an appearance in Swakopmund during the festive season is currently in the Omaruru River.

The elephant is currently in the Omaruru River where a team of MET official darted and collared it under the direction and supervision of a veterinarian Janine Shape, Muyunda noted.

He added that the elephant's condition has improved since it arrived in the Omaruru River from Swakopmund.

Muyunda added that blood samples were taken from the elephant to test for possible diseases, in addition to injecting the animal with vitamins to boost its immune system

The area in which the elephant is currently in has good vegetation and a water point. We are therefore confident that it will survive and thrive there.

Staff members of the MET will continue to monitor the elephant until such a time when they are sure and guaranteed of its wellbeing.

Shape confirmed that the elephant is indeed in a much better condition than it was several weeks ago and his condition has improved drastically.

The elephant was believed to have wandered from the Ugab River into the busy coastal town on 24 December 2019.

Source: Namibia Press Agency