Ministers Receive Ipads

MTC yesterday donated 29 iPads valued at N$260 000 to members of Cabinet and presiding officers of parliament.

Handing over the iPads in Windhoek, MTC chief human capital and corporate affairs officer Tim Ekandjo said the gadgets could “alleviate poverty, achieve universal service and deepen democratic governance”.

“It is about what you do with the technology. We are hopeful that our national leadership will optimally use the available technology to make their work easier in performing their national duties,” Ekandjo said.

He also said they believe information and communication technology creates new opportunities for promoting sustainable development.

Ekandjo explained that the decision to donate the iPads comes after MTC had recognised that members of Cabinet are required to visit all corners of Namibia to engage with constituencies and other stakeholders.

“It is our leaders that market Namibia to the world, so it would make sense for them to embrace technologies they talk so often about,” Ekandjo said, adding that this will accord them improved mobility to do their work efficiently without having to return to office for basic functions such as access to emails.

Permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister Nangula Mbako expressed gratitude to MTC for its partnership with Cabinet.

MTC will also provide expertise to give training to the recipients on how best to optimally use their iPads.

Last year, MTC made tablets available to backbenchers in both the National Assembly and National Council at reduced rates to enhance effective communication among members of the legislative houses.

Source : The Namibian