Ministry of Defence denies rumours of job losses

A senior official in the ministry of defence has denied information currently circulating on various media platforms suggesting that August 26 Textile and Garment factory will close down on 28 February leading to job losses.

Speaking to NAMPA on Wednesday, the official, who refused to be named said the defence ministry is not planning on closing any of its companies as suggested by the circulated information.

We are aware of the information on a post by Job Amupanda suggesting that the NDF has decided to fire 100 of its workers by closing down the August 26 textiles'. This is false and devoid of any truth, the official said.

He explained that the Defence Industry had started a reorganisation exercise in 2019, during a retreat of August 26 Group of companies, where it was decided to merge the August 26 shoes Factory with August 26 Textiles and Garment Factory.

Amupanda's post is therefore nothing other than subversion aimed at influencing the outcome of the by-elections in Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Keetmanshoop he said.

When the two companies merge, the employees of the two merged companies will be required to reapply for their positions in the new company, the official said.

The official further said the Ministry will release an official press statement soon to provide clarity on the issue.

Speaking to the media the same day on the Factory's premises, employees of the August 26 Textile and Garment factor said, they have been informed of the closure of the factory during a meeting held between the union, the workers and the factory's Business Development and Marketing Manager, Ndajoina Shalumbu.

Meanwhile the Namibian Fuel and Allied Workers Union's (Nafawu), Deputy Secretary General Absalom Willem, has confirmed the closure.

We received an invitation letter to come to this company two days ago. We were informed this morning that the company will close. It is shock to us to be informed that next month on the 28th the company will close and all the workers will be retrenched, Willem confirmed.

Source: Namibia Press Agency