Ministry of Land Reform purchased 12 farms for N.dollars 123.1 million in 2018

The Ministry of Land Reform has failed to clarify whether N.dollars 123.1 million or N.dollars 221.5 million was used to purchase 12 farms during the 2018/19 financial year.

This forms part of the findings by Auditor General (AG), Junias Kandjeke, in an audit report submitted to the National Assembly by Deputy Minister of Finance, Natangwe Ithete recently.

The Accounting Officer (Executive Director) reported that 12 farms amounting to N.dollars 123 120 501.75 were purchased, however, the general ledger reflects an amount of N.dollars 222 484 900 in respect of farms purchased, Kandjeke is quoted as saying in the report.

The difference that must be explained according to Kandjeke's findings is N.dollars 98 million.

The 12 farms measure a combined 69 633 hectares, according to a statement delivered in the National Assembly by Land Reform Minister Utoni Nujoma earlier this year.

Source: Namibia Press Agency