MoHAI scraps work permits and visas for conservation tourism

Employment permits and work visas will no longer be needed for those who intent to enter the country specifically for conservation tourism operators and tourists but will now only need a holiday or tourist visa.

In a media statement issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration on Monday, stated that conservation tourism is now considered to be under the umbrella of tourism instead of separate from it and therefore now only need a holiday or tourist visa to enter Namibia.

The ministry is aware that this is an emerging form of tourism and therefore, it took it into consideration after extensive consultations, the direct benefits to operators in the tourism industry and so, affected this change in regulation, it reads.

It further states that conservative tourism includes paying tourists at the farms and their accompanying teams who feed animals in conservation farms that choose to experience the wildlife as well as the operators in the tourism industry.

However, those who enter Namibia for research at the conservation farms and for veterinary purposes will require employment permits and work visas.

Source: Namibia Press Agency