Moongo wants Venaani and Kaura to make up

WINDHOEK; DTA of Namibia Member of Parliament (MP) Phillemon Moongo has called for reconciliation between his party’s current and former presidents.

Moongo said the expulsion of former party president Katuutire Kaura was not the right thing to do in efforts to solve party issues.
He told Nampa on Monday when approached on his thoughts about the booting of Kaura, that the latter’s expulsion is a setback for the party.

Kuara had been an MP and leader of the party since 1998. He lost against incumbent party president McHenry Venaani in presidential elections last September, but remained the party’s representative in the National Assembly.

DTA spokesperson Nico Smit announced Kaura’s expulsion from the party and National Assembly with immediate effect on Sunday, following an extra-ordinary executive committee meeting the day before.

Smit said the decision follows actions by Kaura which “brought the party into disrepute, undermined the authority of the leadership of the party and instigated factionalism and divisiveness within the DTA”.

Moongo said Venaani is still young, and needs the wisdom and knowledge of Kaura.

However, he noted that as much as he accepts the majority decision, he proposes that the two leaders should continue to tolerate each other for the purpose of unity and reconciliation in the party to prevail above all else.

“Africa has suffered a lot because of these divisive tactics. I want the DTA leadership to have more time to reflect on the issue, even for a period of two months if need be,” advised Moongo, who was once the party’s vice-president.

He is also worried that with this year being an election year, Kaura’s exit could be a distraction from the party’s plans for the elections.

It is still not clear what Kaura’s actions would be towards his termination of membership and being recalled from the NA, because when approached on Monday afternoon for comment on the issue, the veteran party leader said he had just received the formal letter of expulsion and still had to digest the contents thereof.

Speculations are rife that a legal battle might ensue, and/or that Kaura might join another political party.