Moses Garoeb Constituency to launch training in constructing toilets

Moses Garoeb Constituency Councillor, Martin David said his Constituency will launch a training program that will train community members to construct own toilet facilities later this year.

In an interview with Nampa on Thursday, David said his office has selected about 22 community members who will form part of the committee that will be trained and train others on how to construct and install community toilets later this year.

We are currently at the drafting and planning stage where we are dealing with the strategic elements of the whole exercise and later conclude with the logistical work, he said.

According to David, the three-month training program is earmarked to start end of this month and complete later this year.

He ensured this agency that each toilet would be inspected and recommended by the City of Windhoek after a community member completes it.

David said the final stage will be the logistical part where resources such as building materials will be availed before completion of the community project.

He said the initiatives came as a result of fewer toilet facilities because the government alone cannot construct toilets for each and every household.

He further pointed out the danger of lack of toilets inside the household's saying it possess vulnerability to people at night such as criminals when the nature calls, since one has to travel to distant public toilets.

After the training, the Constituency is planning to do a pilot study to determine the effectiveness of these toilets.

These initiatives target Moses Garoeb and SamoraMachel Constituencies before being rolled out to other Windhoek locations such as Tobias Hainyeko, Khomasdal amongst others.

The government has built about 16 toilets and in June this year, nine others were handed over to Moses Garoeb Constituency community members.

Stakeholders of this program are; Ministry of Health and Social Services, Municipality of Windhoek, Khomas Regional Council, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) amongst others.

Source: Namibia Press Agency