Moses hopes to boost Namibian literature

Swakopmund-Reading is very important, but reading stories that one can relate to is even better and a young author aims to do just that, write books that Namibians can relate to.

Young entrepreneur and author Paulina Moses says there is a need to tell stories of Namibian people, as local readers can better relate to them and this she said is why there is a need to write and read books about Namibia and its people.

Launching her company PNM& Authors at Swakopmund last Thursday, 29-year-old Moses emphasised the need to have books that have Namibian content, books that have stories that Namibian people can relate to, saying books contain knowledge that can shape individuals for generations to come.

We need to invest in knowledge, knowledge of who we are. Over the decades a lot of indigenous knowledge has been lost merely because our ancestors did not write books, so we need to write books about our people, we need to write books about our country, she said.

The launch was attended by many, curious to see a rare and promising business venture, and speaker after speaker lauded Moses for her courageous decision to start a publishing company, and with their slogan, 'Everyone has a story to tell, only the great can pen it well', they hope to put interesting Namibians stories into books for Namibians to access.

PNM & Authors will pen the story of retired Chief Regional Officer Nathalia /Goagoses, entitled Strength of a woman as their first work, and /Goagoses expressed her gratitude that she will finally have a means to tell her story to a wider audience.

During the launch /Goagoses said she was excited about the project and that she has many stories to tell but she did not give away too much, as she urged those who want to hear her story to wait for her book to be published.

I was the first black person, first woman to be appointed as the director of education in the Khomas Region, I have a lot to tell, but if I do, Paulina will have nothing to write about, so wait for the book, she said.

Business tycoon and former Namibian Premier League boss Johnny Doeseb was also in attendance and delivered a motivational speech second to none, narrating how being focused as a businessperson helped him get out of a N$32 million debt.

He added that integrity is key to business success and that he hopes the new company will be built on integrity. He also urged the young woman not to give up � even when things get tough.

Paulina, there will be nights you will cry yourself to sleep, but whatever happens, do not give up on your dream. If you turn your back on your dream, you turn your back on yourself, he said. PNM &Authors offers writing, editing and consulting services to aspiring and established writers.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia